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Your needs are unique. You deserve to work with a firm that respects this.

Whether tapping hospital executives for their candid reactions or working to take the pulse of uninsured patients, our Principals apply their MBA perspective and healthcare acumen to answer your most challenging questions. We generate results that enable us to tell a story and empower Confident Change®.

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Your customers—whether they be patients, members, or providers–are the life blood of your business. You value them… but is the feeling mutual?

Turn our expertise in surveying and analytics to your advantage–so you can learn from the stakeholders who are most critical to your success. We’ll design and conduct a survey program or project that is custom-tailored to your needs. You’ll be able to discover and track how your customers feel about the key elements of the experience you provide. And we’ll measure the most important question: how willing they are to recommend you—and why or why not.

“Feedback from our urgent care patients is critical to us—and we found a partner that provides a custom-tailored survey program that gives us both clear reporting and daily alerts.”

With daily alerts you’ll be able to respond immediately to issues flagged by your customers, and we’ll send regular reports organized and formatted just for you. We’ll be with you every step along the way to make sure that you understand the nuances of your stakeholders’ feedback as well as help you communicate the “big picture” to your colleagues.

Why commission us as your survey partner? Because you’ll get something other than a cookie cutter approach or just a defined set of questions you have to use. With us, you’ll discover what aspects of the experience you provide are most important in building customer loyalty. Plus you’ll get regular reporting that allows you to accelerate that oh-so-important positive word-of-mouth. Contact us today so we can understand your unique business and its needs. Let’s collaborate to create a survey program that drives greater loyalty, internal accountability, and Confident Change.


Brand Assessment

Do you have the tools to assess your brand’s reputation in today’s dynamic environment? Have you solicited direct input from customers and prospects in order to ensure your appeal down the road?

“Brand” and “Strategy” are two words that are thrown around a lot these days. Yet recommendations about constructing “universally appealing” brands tend come and go as fast as shoulder pads and brick phones did. What’s more important than reading the latest guru’s book on strategy is learning directly from your customers and prospects about how they feel about your brand—and those of your competitors. We have the tools and the know-how to do just that.

“You understood our issues and the nomenclature of healthcare. The surveying and individual interviews engaged our physicians in a way that built trust while yielding valuable insights. Coming on-site to present the results was important to establishing the credibility of the results—and the whole process helps us further engage providers in charting our future.”

Like T-Rex chasing after Mitch Goldblum on a tropical sci-fi island, we’ll do what it takes to get useful, candid information relevant to your brand and strategic planning goals. We may hold focus groups. We may conduct in-depth interviews with key individuals. We may implement multi-modal surveys. We can even analyze data you’ve already captured. Then, with a laser-focus on your business issues and decisions, we dig into the data and distill our findings into a highly-visual report to clearly communicate your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, and best opportunities for business success.

Whether your customers are consumers, business executives, physicians or channel partners, we have the experience and capabilities to obtain the information and insights to move your brand forward. Put our “outside-in” perspective to work, to enable you to make better business decisions.


Service & Product Innovation

Is your new product or service ready for prime time? Have you obtained input from the critical audiences, be they economic decision makers or the actual intended users?

Whether you’re trying to assess marketplace interest in your idea, test your value proposition, choose a new product name, or develop a pricing structure—or tackle all of these challenges— custom research with key customer groups will significantly improve your chances of marketplace success.

“Overall, the CHR team did an excellent job. They recruited tough-to-get healthcare executives and physicians and led discussions that elicited candid and useful input. In addition to detailed findings, they offered specific recommendations on how to take our offering forward, information that was well received by our executives.”

We come to the table already well versed in the healthcare industry and its buyers. We’ll invest the time it takes to fully appreciate the nuances of what you are out to achieve. Then, because we’re not wedded to any one particular research methodology, we’ll draw from our robust tool box to recommend a research approach that’s perfectly suited to your audience, timeline, and budget.

Slice through the uncertainty of launching a new product or service by contacting us today. You’ll join elite provider organizations, payer organizations, and suppliers who’ve all reduced the risks associated with innovation and who are well along the path to achieving Confident Change.


Customer Attraction

Attracting desirable customers to your brand has never been harder. Do you have the insights needed to succeed?

As a marketer, have you rigorously explored the underlying emotions associated with a purchasing decision, or are you operating on old information, clichés, and hunches? Are you caught up in an endless cycle of rolling out marketing campaigns that never quite hit the mark, leaving you to re-start the cycle again?

“Through both quantitative and qualitative research, CHR has helped us better understand our customers and why consumers have, or have not, selected us. And our collaboration over the past seven years has also meant that we have been able to effectively test potential messaging and product ideas aimed at improving customer attraction–and retention.”

To make the most of your next investment in your marketing outreach, first call us in to test alternative messages and advertising executions. If you’re seeking a deeper exploration of the issues related to attracting new customers, or retaining the ones you’ve got, you need a seasoned research partner that’s not locked into only one way of getting inside people’s hearts and heads. That’s where we come in; with a robust tool box of research methods and the business acumen to know when to use what research approach.

Invest in research with us to better leverage your marketing dollars and achieve the results you’re after. Spend your energy building your business—not spinning your wheels.


Thought Leadership

Most brands like to portray themselves as distinctive in their category: they produce blogs, tweets, and ebooks at an overwhelming clip, but where is the true thought leadership?

You know you have to cut through the clutter and distinguish your organization—but how are you going to make your voice heard and your brand visible to buyers who are increasingly skeptical of traditional pitches and promotions?

“CHR is a trusted partner that understands the importance of what we’re doing. Our collaboration has resulted in the three largest studies to date on what healthcare organizations are actually doing to improve the patient experience, resulting in information and practices being shared now literally around the world.”

One way is to commission original research—done on topics that are truly relevant to your audience as well as to you. For example, a national law firm commissioned us to survey hospital CFOs across the county on their financing priorities. For a national public relations firm, we queried hospital executives about their feelings on various health insurance companies in order to publically rate the performance of these brands. A non-profit came to us to survey consumers’ eating, exercise, and smoking behaviors as an integral part of a multi-media health and wellness campaign.

The results of these projects were translated into various forms—white papers, infographics, blogs, articles, and speeches—but they all had one thing in common: They helped the sponsors of the surveys raise important issues. Furthermore, the research initiatives gave them the credibility to be viewed as a thought leader on the forefront of their industry. Distinguish yourself; contact us today to explore what we can do for you.

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