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What’s Reasonable? Patient and Clinician Perspectives in Provision of Service

America’s healthcare model is rapidly changing, but one thing is constant: patients expect the optimum healthcare experience. Thus, it is vital that providers understand what factors shape this experience if they aim to ensure maximum satisfaction. Physician competency, friendly staff, timely service, accurate billing – are these standard assumptions for both patients and providers, and what additional expectations do patients believe to be reasonable? Are providers seriously considering these when assessing patient encounters with their brand and services?

In our recent national survey of 400 Baby Boomer patients, we learned that a core set of expectations are widely shared regarding one’s visit to the doctor. CHR President Dan Prince shared these enlightening findings with patient experience professionals at The Beryl Institute’s 2012 Patient Experience Conference, and while doing so gathered reactions from these experts as to whether or not their organizations’ physicians are actually fulfilling these patient wants and needs. After comparing the results of the two surveys, the conclusion is clear – doctors are not adequately meeting the expectations of today’s patients.

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