A common rap against researchers is that all they produce is numbers, generating fog instead of clarity. With the MBA perspective of our principals, we view research differently.

We’re able to build research that’s cost effective, then translate research results into business recommendations that actually make sense for your particular organization. So clients not only understand the numbers, they achieve Confident Change®.


MBA Perspective

Our principals, Dan Prince and David Butler, share something that sets our company apart from hundreds of other research suppliers. An MBA perspective.

Both principals of the firm have an MBA and both have built their professional reputations on approaching market research with an emphasis on the business implications of that research. Research serves no purpose if it’s conducted in a vacuum, only tells you what you want to hear, or fails to address the underlying questions that sparked the research.

Our team clearly understands that your investment in research has to generate a favorable return, that it must address real business issues, and that the results must be translatable to the decisions leaders must make. That’s why we run our business accordingly.

Bland analytics, dense tables, and look-alike reports aren’t our style. Instead you can expect your results to be reported logically using a combination of colorful graphics, relevant quotes, and meaningful commentary. You can feel comfortable sharing our reports with your executives. And if you wish, we’ll come to your location, shake the hands of those in charge, and present the results, answering every question and engaging your team in a discussion about the implications of our work for your business.

We’re committed to translating information into meaningful findings that not only help organizations improve, but in doing work that ultimately improves the delivery of healthcare in this country.


Challenging Questions

Recently a client told us that he trusted us with his most challenging questions and projects; the ones he couldn’t handle internally or confidently hand over to one of the large firms, with their fixed approaches to doing marketing research.

While a compliment to us, it’s also a reflection of the passion that energizes our team every day. We’re curious people. We share the value of continual learning. We enjoy finding out what people think and how they feel. And to honor our corporate value of “clients first” we don’t rest until we’re satisfied that a project’s design will produce useful information and that our analysis will yield insights relevant to your future success. We oversee projects with vigilance and flexibility, adjusting on the fly to steer projects past the inevitable obstacles and pitfalls. And we look forward to sharing the answers to the questions you ask us to address, and to helping you apply the results to improving the experiences, products, and services you provide.

The hands-on involvement of our principals and our company culture make a difference; they equip us to handle the toughest projects and the most challenging questions.


Robust Tool Box

Sometimes we’re asked if we do qualitative or quantitative research. The answer is “Yes.” Our philosophy has always been to choose the right tool for the job.

Our healthcare expertise and history of tackling difficult projects gives us an edge in knowing what research and analytic methods will work best in differing situations. In some cases, we may employ only one methodology to meet a client’s research needs, whether that be online focus groups or in-depth telephone interviews. Very often, we use more than one data collection method—such in-person focus groups followed by a sophisticated online survey that employs interactive tools, or combining the use of both online and telephone surveying to better represent the market of interest.

Like a master craftsman intimately attuned with the nuances of each tool, our approach results in more engaged survey respondents, superior sample representation, and, ultimately, better results for every dollar spent.


Sample Reports

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