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Just How Important is Nursing Staff Responsiveness, Really?

July 28, 2016

Anecdotally, we’ve all heard or even experienced what happens in a hospital when there is a breakdown in nursing staff responsiveness, communication, and coordination of care.

In a recent study for Amplion Clinical Communications, we documented the types of things that can and do happen when nursing team members fail to respond in a reasonable period of time to patient requests. These included:

• Messy and embarrassing accidents when patients can’t get to the restroom on their own

• Disastrous falls when immobile patients try to get up by themselves

• Dangerous blood sugar levels when diabetics do not receive food or drink in a timely manner

• Patients left in pain without any reassurance that help is coming

And we heard what kind of feelings these negative experiences evoke:

• Anxiety

• Frustration

• Fear

• Anger

• Disappointment

Is this happening all the time and in every hospital? Of course not. But based on our survey of 1,000 patients and loved ones, we can say that around 30% of individuals are NOT receiving the level of care and responsiveness that they expected when they entered the hospital. And we have documented the impact this all has on their willingness to recommend the hospital.

See for yourself. This infographic provides the highlights.