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How do Hospitals Know if They’re Improving the Patient Experience?

August 16, 2013

The most common way hospitals determine if they’re on the right track is through surveys. Two kinds, HCAHPS surveys and other kinds of Patient Experience (PX) surveys, are widely used.

That’s what we confirmed in The 2013 State of Patient Experience Study, done in partnership with The Beryl Institute. In the largest study to date on this topic, we gathered information about what American hospitals are actually doing to “improve the Patient Experience (PX).” We surveyed over 1,072 leaders from 672 unique organizations and found that pretty much everybody (86% of our respondents) is using government-mandated surveys (e.g., HCAHPS) to measure and track the success of their individual improvement activities affecting PX.

Other measurement methods being used by hospitals to measure PX and PX improvements included:

Patient Satisfaction/Experience Surveying: 80% said they do this

Calls Made to Patients/Caretakers after Discharge: 70%

Bedside Surveys/Instant Feedback during Rounding: 42%

HCAHPS Domains: 38%

Patient and Family Input Rounding out the Final Two Measures

We at Catalyst Healthcare Research are proud to have met the participation requirements and are now approved by CMS to administer the HCAHPS Survey. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in learning more about how we assist hospitals and health systems to understand, measure, and leverage the “patient experience.”

To see the full report of the 2013 PX study, click here.