We’re a small firm serving major brands. We combine extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry, seasoned research expertise, and a distinctive MBA perspective that leads to pragmatic, business-focused results. Empowering you to achieve Confident Change®.


Who We Are

Catalyst Healthcare Research is a national specialist in meeting the research needs of health providers, health plans and suppliers to the healthcare industry.

Drawing on a range of traditional and new research methodologies, we offer both ongoing research programs as well as the ability to design and conduct custom studies.

Based in Nashville, the epicenter of entrepreneurial healthcare companies, we’ve literally grown up in the world of healthcare.

Today, we’re pleased to lend our expertise to clients throughout the US in all facets of the healthcare industry.

Give us a call today to initiate Confident Change®.


Our Team



We are a catalyst for change in American healthcare.

By providing customized, practical marketing research services, we help our healthcare clients transform, grow, and strengthen their businesses.
Our lives and our work are driven by five core values:

  • Integrity – Honesty and accuracy are non-negotiable traits.
  • Client-centric – The best interests of our clients are always at heart.
  • Mutual Respect – We strive to understand everyone’s point of view.
  • Continuous Improvement – We’re committed to always getting better.
  • Cost-conscious – We protect your bottom line as if it were our own.

In line with our values, we do not discriminate in the hiring of employees or subcontractors or in the provision of services or benefits, on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or the nature of a person’s medical condition, or any other classification protected by the State of Tennessee or by federal law/regulation.


Healthcare Expertise

While other research firms may serve one healthcare client among many other types of businesses, we conduct marketing research and analytics for healthcare clients. Period.

Our principals and team are steeped in the business of healthcare and understand the changing complexion of the healthcare industry. We work with a variety of providers, payers, and suppliers throughout the U.S. Our clients include innovators new to the industry as well as many established organizations, both large and small.
We’re active in the industry too: conducting research for the Nashville Health Care Council, producing our own white papers, and attending (and presenting at) healthcare industry meetings and conferences on a regular basis.

Our deep experience in the healthcare arena offers these advantages:

  • We set accelerated project timelines and we meet our deadlines. This is because we come up to speed on potential projects much more quickly than the average firm. Plus we are able to move a project along smoothly over the kinds of speed bumps that would derail a generalist research firm.
  • We reach difficult and specialized audiences that are critical to your success. Because we not only understand them but already know what methods work to reach these groups, we are able to solicit input from key consumer and business segments.
  • We translate results into a compelling story. We analyze research data in the larger context of where the industry is going and provide guidance and suggestions to help your team make informed decisions based on empirical evidence.

Confident Change®

The typical Senior Executive makes hundreds of decisions every day. From minute day-to-day choices to long-range planning and complex economic projections, strategic knowledge produces better outcomes and eases difficult decisions. We empower organizational leaders to make tough decisions utilizing:

  • Targeted inquiry to solicit meaningful feedback
  • Evidence-based assessments to reveal new opportunities and communicate the need for change
  • Practical expertise and guidance to best move your business forward

That’s how we deliver Confident Change®.

Catalyst Healthcare Research